Friday, April 12, 2013


I have slacked off in "writing" this week. My goal has been to quickly get GoP edited so I can begin querying again. I have only done 4 out of 22 chapters :( Part of why its taken me so long to query GoP was I didn't have any beta readers who enjoyed my genre and therefore book. But now I do! So after having my query shredded I was shown a couple plot holes to fix. While I could query and fix at the same time, I would like to have it ready for my first request from an agent(dreaming big!) it is possible I will get ants in my pants and start again. Luckily those issues are easy to fix, I just have to quit getting distracted at lunch and conquer these edits. Other writing news...I've already started a book which will follow GoP but feature a new main character. She's very shy and it's been slow going to finish her first draft. I stalled out at the point that I started dealing with GoP again. This is probably a combination of things topped by one main character being much bolder than the other. Well then,I'm off to get to it.

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