Sunday, April 21, 2013


All righty then...I am actively querying again...Yes the ... are fully representative of the major part of querying...WAITING. It is so hard, but what is harder is a "no," especially a form rejection "no." I despise those. So once again I fear checking my email for a dreaded rejection of any kind. But I know the only way to find an agent is to put myself out there, painful as it is. It's like dating, something I never want to do again(mostly because I'm happily married but also because it's emotionally dangerous!) But here I go! Now I can get back to my current WIP, which I have come to a major impasse with. I have been stuck, partially because I left it alone to focus on getting GoP ready to query, and partially because something was wrong. I just couldn't figure out where to go from the point I left off. Now I'm afraid that what is really wrong is not as simple as answering "What happens next?" I think I'm going to have to completely revise my m.c's love interest which will cause all of the story I've written so far to need major restructuring. I'm okay with that, as long as it is what's good for the story. I just have to figure out if it is actually the right change to make. So tomorrow, on my lunch, I will write an outline for the "new" way of things and then compare it to the old way and see if the change makes sense and will allow me to move the story forward. Whooo! I hope that makes sense to you, cause things are swirling in my head! Also, a side note, based on my search for agents to query I am considering writing a new story that will be a bit out of my comfort zone, but seems to be what agents are looking for. Is this wrong? The only defense I have is it is an idea I already had, with the exception that I had planned it to be an adult novel, and this would be a YA twist. Think thriller??!!

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