Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Eye drops...six year old...do you see where this is going

My six y/o has pink eye and therefore must have drops in his eyes 4, count them, four times a day. The first time went okay. The second time, not so much. It took thirty minutes of pleading, making him stay laying down, pulling hands away, crying, flat out panicking, bribery and tough love before I got those drops in.  The third time... He took it like a champ! Looking back I can see where I went wrong and how where he was emotionally affected the outcome. 
Writing can be like that. It can be difficult and frustrating and it can be amazing, all in the same day. Some of it is where we are as writers and some of it is the story itself. But it's all worth it, healing pink eyes and finishing stories ;)
So I've managed to get a rough query written. I also feel like I understand what I need to do to write a successful query. Now I just have to actually do it. In an effort to keep sane I am back to WIP A and have started draft 4. So that's that :-D
Keep on keeping on!

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