Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Multiple WIP's

I'm facing a bit of a dilemma. I currently have two WIP's. I finished the 2nd draft of WIP A and despite wanting to jump right back in to complete draft 3, I set it aside to simmer. In the meantime I started a new WIP(R) and have made it a little way past halfway in just over a month. Obviously A is closer to querying than R making me feel I need to focus on it again. But I am afraid to leave R unfinished. And now you're wondering why I don't do both? I've got a ten month old, a 6 year old, husband and lots of animals. What does that matter? I usually only write after the kids go to sleep. At that time I also shower(hallelujah!) and take care of other tasks I couldn't while the wee ones were awake. In other words, my writing time is limited. So at the moment I'm working on printing A(the ink isn't cooperating.) School is starting in two days so I am sincerely hoping there will be some more time I can devote to writing which will perhaps a allow me to do the two projects at once, rather than alternating them.
Wish me luck ;) and please keep on trying!

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