Tuesday, December 31, 2013

THE END 2013

We'll I've reached the end. The end of what, you ask? The end of 2013 of course!! Oh yeah, and THE END of draft 1B of my third book. Sort of... I guess. Now you're wondering about my hesitation and I refuse to leave you hanging. As I neared the end of this draft I started to feel perplexed out how to wrap it up. I'm not confident I did it right. Which bothers me even if I know this isn't a completed manuscript. And my other issue is the word count. It's only 46,132 which is far lower than I had ever, ever planned on. I'm writing YA so I know it fits, I just can't help being nervous when I'm falling on the lower end of the acceptable range. Despite my fears I really am still glad to have finished! No, not glad to have finished, but proud to have completed this draft finally!!! Here's to finishing up 2013 right and keeping the momentum in 2014!

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