Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Days

The best laid plans can be... Ruined, waylaid, all depends on you how you take a change in plans. I was supposed to get away for the weekend, instead it snowed about ten inches! So instead of a 2 day get away, I get 3 snow days with my son. I'll take that trade :) Writing can be like that. You have an outline, may be even a cork board of post it notes mapping out your book. Then your characters start developing and they can really throw a wrench in your plan. What are you going to do?! I say roll with it. See where they take you. If its a dead end, save it in a different folder and take them over a cliff :) Right now I just finished a good chapter. I say good because the chapter didnt require me to pull any teeth. But I dont know what is going to happen in the next chapter. It's just that part of the story. I've heard it described as the part where you just want to stab the book over and over while screaming "Die!" If I can eek out another 15,000 I'll just about be done screaming and pulling teeth...I hope!

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