Sunday, August 28, 2011

Long Time

Fortunately my writing is happening more often than my blogging! I have finally, sort of finished the first draft of my 2nd book. As in, I made it to the end but it was really The End even for a first draft. My goal in my second draft, besides of course making it better is to get a The End that actually ties up the book. It's harder than the first book I wrote because the first book I wrote was still open ended up enough to have a sequel. This book can have sequel, but it will be from a different characters perspective. So I have to wrap up the main characters personal conflict but not neccessarily the outside conflict. A little harder than I thought it would be. Needless to say I haven't made it very far in D2 because my hubby's been out of town a lot and has had the computer. Hopefully this week I'll get it back. Especially because I had a story line epiphany! This whole past week without the computer, I've been contimplating the story. I knew there was something that wasn't right with it. Namely, I wasn't sure I liked my main character anymore. Sad, huh? The problem was with part of the story, not my character. The storyline was making her appear selfish and silly rather than a teenager struggling with being a teenager. I did brain storm up a solution which will stop me from going further than the chapters I've already revised because I need to add some more details to them that will set up my solution :) Gosh, that might make more sense if you knew what the story actually was. But you don't, and being an write, I'm a little secretive ;) Keep on writing, you know I am even if I"m not blogging!

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