Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long Time

I hate that I don't get to blog like I used to. :( One day, we'll get internet again and I'll be better, I promise! Ok, so here's an outline of what you'll be updated on: 1. Writing 2. Querying 3. Family 4. Animals
1. Why yes, I am still writing my second book, even if I'm not blogging about it. I'm a little over 44,000 words on my first draft. It took me a year to complete 4 drafts of my first book compared to 6 + months to have not even finished my first draft of this book. I admit, it has to do with the fact that I only write about 30 minutes each day on my lunch break at work. I also admit that I don't devote as much "daydreaming" time to this book. Quite simply, I am working full time and being a mom and being a wife and taking care of my animals and writing a book. Yes, I could eek out more time to devote to my book, but something else will suffer. Nothing truly important, just my downtime from 830 to 9 pm when baby is hopefully asleep already or my sleep time will be less. I'm not read to make that sacrifice.
2. Don't worry, I've also slacked off in other areas. I haven't queried out my first book in at least 2 months. Now granted I don't have internet at home, but I haven't been taking weekly advantage of my in-laws internet either. Again, that would mean sacrificing something. Either family time or coming over on a week night. Ugggg, this post is kind of making my self esteem go down hill!
3. Family time! Baby is now officially 2 years old! Too bad the terrible two's started when he was 18 months old! Really though, he is happy, healthy, and working on making his needs absolutely clear to me. I"m at least smart enough to know that doesn't mean him talking clearly will be a blessing. If he's anything like me, it will be more like a curse!
4. Animals, animals, animals....Well, I know I've mentioned before, but it's still weighing on me. I had to put my Foster Boss down this spring. And a few weeks ago, I finally sold Rain. I didn't reach my goal with her, which was to more than double her purchase price by having her absolutely broke, but I did make more money on her than what I bought her for. It's a little strange to be back down to my original herd of two. Like, when it comes to figuring out how much hay I need, not only am I back down to 2 horses, I have to take in to consideration what the land can do for them too. Which isn't much where I live at! The cats are fat and happy, and Jackie has been recently shaved due to massive shedding. As for the dog, I love her today but hated her yesterday. I put Chloe out to run off some energy only to find that she didn't do much running as compared to the amount of chewing! Toddler's pool and several poopy diapers(which get thrown away in a trash can that stays in the garage) were destroyed. She's lucky she's alive today after I had to clean up her mess!
Summary: Life is good but I'm slacking on the sacrifices department in regards to my writing. I hope you're doing better than me and keep on writing!

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