Sunday, February 13, 2011


Access to the internet is Weeee!!!! I don't know yet if I'll have my laptop to write with this week, but I did manage to plot out 2/3's of the next chapter. Of course that's plot, bare bones, etc... When it comes to getting those words out, that's another story...
Now this week, what did I accomplish; that is besides, keeping an eye on my kid, working, and cleaning house? Well, I managed to read City of Ashes and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ok, I know I"m terribly boring and I used to give you an "awesome" review of every book I read(or at least wrote them out in a notebook, intending on blogging them), but not this time :( I have a diaper to change/try to get my hubby to change and hay for sale to hunt down. Have a great week!

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