Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Teaser: Whisper of Power

In case you wanted a little teaser from Whisper of Power to entice you to read the whole story, here it is!

               I gasped. At first it was because I remembered something but then I kept sucking in air before the scream ripped out of me. I was on Summit’s back and then I wasn’t. I flew through the air, a heavy weight on my body and something piercing my shoulder. The ground reached out to hit me, knocking the air and my scream away. I felt hot breath on my neck and my own hot blood trailing down my skin.
               Summit reared over me and behind him I saw the night sky. It was clear and dark and then it shook like an earthquake, but really it was just whatever was attacking me shaking my body. It was huge and powerful. There were voices in my head screaming. My stomach turned over and I choked back vomit. Help me! Who are you! Why are you here? Are you Hunting me? You cannot take me back! Release her!
               Summit’s voice I recognized. The other voice could only be whatever was attacking me. He screamed louder than any animal I had ever heard. He was asking me questions, but he wasn’t waiting for answers. I could feel his panic and fear and anger and a wildness like I had never felt from an animal before.
              There was a thud and a yelp as the weight of my attacker fell off of me. His mouth closed down at the last second, ripping my arm open even more before his teeth snapped together and he was well and truly off of me. Summit reared again and his front hooves crashed down, a sickening crack of bone ringing in my ears. The screaming voice stopped and he stood, looming above me on two legs, before he twisted around and ran away. You hurt him. Yes.

Hope you liked it!  If you would like to read the whole story, it is currently available through Amazon.  I will be adding it to several other online versions in the next week (such as on the Nook).  Thanks for your support!

Keep reading.  Keep writing.  Keep dreaming.

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